About Us

Welcome to Rainbow Aesthetic! 

Founded in 2022 in Columbus Ohio, rainbowaesthetic.com is a leading online boutique label by Joy22 International Co. Inspired by the latest fashion trends, we are specializing in selling aesthetic clothing, shoes, accessories, and a wide variety of other products. From the trendiest Y2K look to soft girl aesthetic outfits, from your dreamy Pinterest wall decor to everyday cute pet stuff, we are here to bring you all of the solutions! We always strive to provide our customers with high-quality on-trend products at a competitive price and cater to customers' explicit needs. 

Our customers may be from all corners of the planet, speak different languages, and have traditions, and ways of life but they are united by our website. Thousands of customers connect through social media outlets every day, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest to discuss all things on Rainbow Aesthetic. We are proud to have so many customers associated with us and we always welcome new customers to join us at any time. 

Advice is always offered by our highly trained (and extremely fashionable!) customer service team. We will give you sincere opinions for questions regarding suitability and differing styles. Not only solve the problem but also enhance your shopping experience. 

Here at Rainbow Aesthetic, we realize that only high-quality products will get our customers coming back for more. Therefore, our manufacturing teams always handpick the items and go through strict checks to ensure that qualified products are delivered every time. 

We appreciate your opinion and advice and believe that it is vital to ensure our grow-up and development.

Rainbow Aesthetic has a set of values that distinguish us from other companies. These are the five core values we live by: 

  1. The customer always comes first.
  2. Creating a great environment for Rainbow Aesthetic employees will improve our customers' shopping experience.
  3. Always be reliable, honest, and open.
  4. Encourage customers to be themselves and to shop for items they will love.
  5. Sustainability and environmental-friendly manufacturing process.

We look forward to your enjoyable shopping time at Rainbow Aesthetic!